E-Waste Recycling / Commodity Value Processing

E-Waste Recycling / Commodity Value Processing

United Electronic Recycling are your experts. The UER Team will assist you in your E-Waste / Commodity Value Processing needs. We will identify the lowest possible cost pickups. We also provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) and Detailed Settlement Reports for you after we completely process your E-Waste.

It is our goal to provide a cost-effective pick-up service of your electronic waste. Since November 2014, most commodities within our industry have seen a 50% drop in value. As commodity prices continue to drop, UER is forced to scrutinize each load to verify efficiency and cost control. On some occasions we must assess a pick-up fee to cover our expenses. The biggest issue is the number of items we are picking up. If we do not get the volume necessary to cover our expense then we must assess a charge. We encourage you to collect as much electronic equipment as possible and report that amount to us so that we can estimate the costs prior to the scheduled pickup. We try to schedule multiple pickups in one area to collect as much recyclable material as possible to help offset the expenses. Contact us today for a free quote.

We have all heard about the recyclers that are sending electronic waste to countries with extreme poverty. United Electronic Recycling will not out source this responsibility. United Electronic Recycling will take responsibility for your E-Waste and process it properly. We will not exploit the vulnerable people of impoverished nations.

We have demonstrated that our process is efficient. As a proof point many independent recyclers send their E-Waste to UER for proper processing and efficient extraction of commodity value. With our experienced team of technicians and our high efficiency mechanical disassembly, we can provide you with the highest level of service and return the commodities back into the manufacturing channel.

United Electronic Recycling is your single source for convenient collection services.

United Electronic Recycling are your experts. UER’s Recycling Advocates will assist you in your E-Waste / Commodity Value Processing needs. We will identify the lowest possible cost pickups.  We also provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) for you after we completely process your E-Waste.

What does UER Team recycle? Basically anything that runs on a battery or has a power cord can be recycled.

Here is a brief list of what the UER Team currently recycles.

Monitors Laptops Printers ($5 charge)
CPUs Modems Keyboards
Cell Phones Mainframe Copiers ($5 charge)
Fax Machines ($5 charge) Typewriters Telephone PBX
Terminals Lab Equipment VCR’s
CRTs ($5 charge due to lead) TVs 31′ and smaller ($10 charge due to lead) TVs 32′ and larger ($20 charge due to lead)


We charge $5 for each printer/copier/fax machine dropped off.

Click for a full list electronic equipment we recycle.